You are probably familiar with the BOSU ball. You know that blue 1⁄2 ball you see at the gyms and maybe even the beach. The BOSU ball is much different than wobbler. The Wobbler moves easily around a room on carpet and other surfaces. You do not respond to it, reactive balancing, you actually move it, proactive balancing.

When you were a baby, you eventually had to learn how to proactively balance and stabilize your head during upright movement. This causes a wobbling effect which slowly disappears as stability improves. This wobbling also causes a greater displacement of your center of gravity and increased need for weight shifting from each lower extremity during standing, walking and running.

Equipment that provides both proactive balance and dynamic stability training are rare and often dangerous. The INDO board and skate boards would be good examples of more dangerous forms proactive balancing.

The Wobbler is a simple tool which can provide both reactive and proactive balance, cardiorespiratory endurance, rotational power and dynamic core stabilization. The wobbler can also be used for both upper and lower body resistance exercises as well as many full-body functional exercises as well.

This Wobbler also allows you to appropriately train the cross body rotational patterns through the power center used in movements such as walking, running, punching, kicking, jumping and throwing. Some people refer to this as the spinal engine. See Gracovetsky.

The soft foam pad on the Wobbler was designed to feel like having your feet in the sand, on the beach. Exercising, playing or training in sand increases the demands to the body without increasing damaging stresses. Barefoot running has been coming into the mainstream for the past decade. The wobbler is the best barefoot trainer on the planet. Running barefoot is very risky and has led to many people experiencing injuries the muscles and joints of their feet and legs.

We believe that the benefits of barefoot running can be great if you can avoid getting injured. We also believe you can get most of these benefits from properly exercising in your bare feet and not necessarily running. 80% of runners get hurt every year. Most of them are wearing shoes. The correct shoes can provide protection and also performance enhancement. Exercising barefoot and in general increasing time spent in your bare feet can increase foot strength and mobility, balance and foot speed.

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