It’s not a sprint. It’s not a marathon.  Performance in life is all about intervals.  Who can go the hardest longest with the shortest rest periods?  Just to try a more difficult task and go harder the next time.  The process strengthens itself and each time we get better and better.  10/10 is a difficult intensity to maintain for extended periods of time.  But when you go, go hard and take as little rest as possible.  The warrior approach to life never causes burnout.  Survival is not an academic skill, neither is it mandatory.

Not everyone is privileged to realize previously unrealistic goals. Most people turn the wrong direction when facing adversity.  The weak call us mad, extreme and fanatics.  The competitive mindset is not granted to all comers.  Many have seen a glimpse of this inside of themselves.  Many have not harnessed their full power.  Many more will never understand.  There is a animal inside of all of us.  Stay tapped into your "animal"!


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