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Great when Paired with the Wobbler and Until you were about 8 years old, your head was about 30% of your body weight. This obviously has to make a difference between the way you move as a kid and as an adult. “The Necker” is a piece of equipment designed to allow for reproduction of the movement patterns which occur during childhood development. “The Necker” is also part of the harness for the Roller Back you see in the picture.

The Necker does provide strength to the muscles of the neck and trunk but provides a much more important feature. When someone loses their balance, the first thing that usually moves is their head. Better athletes have better control of their head and posture during movements which correctly aligns the body for more powerful and efficient movements. “The Necker” is a tool that teaches people to appropriately stabilize their body and to remember how to correctly use their power center for postural control during movement.

All displays of power start from the center of the body. The most powerful movements are performed while keeping the head in a very centered position on top of the body. When people lose their balance, they typically move their head off the center line first. Stand on one foot, just try it. You will notice your head typically moves first. If you have good balance, close your eyes or lift up your heel.

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