Team Fyzio Training

  • You know that training groups of athletes and getting SPECIFIC results without risking injuries is difficult and often IMPOSSIBLE.  
  • FyzioGym Challenge - It all starts with an assessment! What is your WHY? Join the FyzioGym Challenge and watch your never ending improvement journey take off like wildfire.
  • Provide a True Competitive Advantage. We know your team is only as strong as your weakest link.  A group of healthy, well-prepared athletes is the most important competitive advantage in team sports. 
  • Mission:  The mission is to provide you and your organization with a comprehensive system to improve athletic performance through age-appropriate functional training.  The SportsMuscle program is designed to increase strength, speed, agility and endurance in a more natural and safer process. MOST IMPORTANTLY, The majority of young athletes are still physically developing.  Young athletes need a specialized system which specifically addresses these needs and avoids over-stressing their joints.
  • Nutrition program -

Premium Fyzio Training

  • SportsMuscle Technology and Physical Therapy - Work with the best phyiscal therapists in the world to get you back to 100% or better
  • Deep Muscle Stimulator - The DMS uses mechanical vibrations to stimulate muscle tissue and help with recovery and pain relief.
  • Functional Training and Corrective Exercise - The FyzioGym delivers
    the safest, Most effective and
    efficient programs that satisfy the
    needs of children, adults
    and athletes all the way
    up to the professional and
    Olympic levels.
  • Home Exercise Program Program - Exclusive Access to our customized Home Exercise Program.  Take your workout home with the HEP
  • Off-site Gym Program Design - Customized workout videos for your level of fitness, using our equipment and more.
  • Nutrition Program -
  • SportsMuscle Conditioning
    • Get back or Stay in the best shape possible during your rehabilitation
    • Returning to Sports? Your Sports Muscles better be at their peak performance to prevent injuries and guarantee your best physical performance
    • Movement Economy
    • Coordination
    • Body Control
    • Reaction Time
    • Functional Mobility
    • Functional Power
    • Power Endurance
    • Athleticism

Online Fyzio Training and Certifications

  • Online Training Programs
  • Evaluation and Assessment (Video or In-person)
  • Comprehensive Home Exercise Program (Customized for YOU)
  • Video or Phone Conferencing
  • Nutrition Program
  • The School of Athleticism
      • The Athlete's Study Guide and Curriculum
  • Healthy Lifestyle and Management Program
    • Goal Setting Study Guide
    • Performance Management Program
    • Performance Mindset Program
    • Revolution Lifestyle Tips
    • SportsMuscle Technology 
    • Revoluton in Motion
      • Level 1 Certification

The Revolution Difference

Physical therapy-based custom programs are the origin of Functional Fitness. The staff’s knowledge of joint mechanics, normal muscle length and strength, and proper exercise technique and progression is unmatched.


  • Custom program starting at the appropriate level for their current fitness level.
  • Frequent reassessments are designed to monitor progress and adjust the program as neceassary.
  • The outcomes prove that the methods work and our programs are sustainable. It is not a fad style of training. It is functional training to improve your performance.

Unlike many other training programs, it is safe and effective to do year round, at any stage in life.


Revolution is built by Physical Therapists who design Functional Fitness and improve quality of life.

  • Build you up without breaking you down
  • Speedy and healthy recovery from injury or surgery.
  • Improve your quality of life and daily function.
  • Enhance YOUR athletic performance to the level of elite professional athletes.
  • Provide life-long wellness to bridge the gap between physical therapy and performance.
  • Take you as far toward elite performance as you would like.

Revolution delivers safe, effective and efficient therapist-designed programs that satisfy the needs of children, adults and athletes.  From NFL stars all the way up to  Olympians. We deliver a one-of-a-kind experience to our customers using exclusive, patented equipment.  We also pride ourselves on delivering affordable, no-hassle pricing and awesome customer service.