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The FyzioGym Difference

The FyzioGym Revolution is built by Physical Therapists or aka PhysioTherapists.  Programming designed for you to  

  1. Speed recovery from injury or surgery.
  2. Improve your HealthSpan, quality of life and daily function.
  3. Take you as far toward Elite Physical Capacity and Performance as possible
  4. Bridge the gaps between physical therapy, Wellness, Functional Training and Human Performance.

Our Approach


The FyzioGym

Physical therapy-based customized programs are the origin of Functional Fitness. The focus on  joint mechanics, normal muscle length and strength, proper exercise technique and progression is unmatched.


1. Custom program starting at the appropriate level and individualized for current fitness level.

2. Frequent reassessments are designed to monitor progress and adjust the program to allow for continued improvement and enhancement.

3. The Safest and Most Effective programming to do year round and at any stage in life.

Our Story

Lyneil Birthday

The FyzioGym will provide a one-of-a-kind experience to our customer using exclusive, patented equipment, affordable, no-hassle pricing, awesome customer service and best of all RESULTS with the least amount of risk for injury possible. 


Lyneil Mitchell


Dr. Lyneil

Lyneil Mitchell is the co-owner of  Fyziogym Revolution with his wife Janann Turner, MTP CSCS, currently with one affiliate location in Cranberry Twp, PA and one Affiliate Location in Huntington Beach CA.  

The FyzioGym is a company designed to actualize the the Vision 20/20 Statement of the APTA.  Transforming Society by optimizing Movement to improve the human experience.  Enhancing the opportunites and experience in Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy, Wellness, Performance and Training professions during the current Wellness Revolution of the 21st Century. 

Lyneil is originally from Butler PA, a small mill town just North of Pittsburgh PA.  Lyneil earned his BS in exercise science in 2003 and then his clinical doctorate in physical therapy in 2006, both at Gannon University; Erie, PA.  

While at Gannon University, Lyneil played 4 years of Baseball as a Pitcher, was a 2 x All American in Wrestling and also played 1 year of football as a Linebacker. 

After completing his Doctorate, in 2006, Lyneil pursued APTA Sports Physical Therapy Residency (less than 5% of all PT’s) with the sports medicine department at the University of Cincinnati.  

In residency, Lyneil underwent intense focused training in Sports PT which included over 40 Hours of Orthopedic surgery observation with University of Cincinnati Sports Medicine Surgeons.  He also trained with the prestigious Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Sports Biodynamics lab.  Lyneil’s research was Published by the North American Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, the official journal of the Sports section of the APTA, American Physical Therapy Assoc.  Click here for full PDF version 

Sports Physical Therapy is a branch of Physical Therapy which focuses on returning people, especially athletes, back to full participation in recreational and athletic activities. This requires a depth of understanding in all aspects of Sports injuries, Athletic competition, Fitness and injury prevention, nutrition and performance psychology.  

Lyneil’s passion is helping people to achieve their best quality of life and function possible.  Lyneil is delivering on his promise to make a change in healthcare and continues to innovate every day. Most recently he has brought a new level to functional fitness training with an exclusive line of patented equipment unlike anything that exists in the current fitness climate. He is excited to share his passion with you!  

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